This Aleppo soap is composed by oils of 1st pressure! Made with the process of cold saponification


The smell of the Aleppo soap is, unlike the typical smell of the traditional Aleppo soap, is very nice


It is recommended for washing and daily care.

For normal skin and dry skin. You can use it on the skin and hair.

Moreover, it is also recommended for sensitive and allergic skin, itching, blackspots, spots, dandruff ...


The Premium Aleppo soap is a 100% natural product with vegetable oils (1st pressure), except for the palm oil, ever used in our soaps.


What are the differeces between the classical soap of Aleppo and the premium Aleppo soap?
The Premium Aleppo soap is very astonishing, because its perfume is very different from the traditional Aleppo soap Alepia, while the composition is the same. Actually, this is a high-quality soap.

- Oils of 1st pressure!
- Process of cold saponification
In order to preserve the vitamins A and E.

Ingredients INCI: Sodium olivate (olive oil), sodium laurate (bay laurel oil), aqua (water), Nigella sativa oil (black cumin oil), sodium hydroxide (lye extracted from sea salt) traces.


Alepia Savon D'Alep | Apremium Aleppo Soap Nigella, laurel & Olive oil 125g

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