Product Features

  • Scientifically proved to block viruses from entering cells
  • Scientifically proved to prevent Type A and B Flu, and H1N1
  • Natural supplements to help you cope with viral infections based on scientific research and patents.
  • Tincture form is beneficial for quick absorption
  • Two flavors: original and mint flavors
  • Natural and can be taken daily with no side effects
  • USA Patent No. US6346408

Major Functions (Indication)

  • Create a "firewall" against viral infection and help to prevent the flu or lessen the severity.
  • Boost your immune system and offer everyday immune enhancement.
  • Apogen patent extraction can help maintain good health and adjust on a balance nutrition.


Container size: 30 mlServing size: 3 mlServings per container: 10
per portion (3 ml) amount %RDA
Apogen® - Organic Spirulina Extract (Spirulina platensis) 240 mg
Phycocyanin (C) 3,6 mg
Allophycocyanin 1,02 mg
Nucleotides 2,07 mg
Fructooligosaccharide 1551 mg
Main Ingredient: Apogen ® patented Microalgae Extraction (APC, CPC, S.G.F., sulfated polysaccharide, nucleic acid, peptide, amino acids, minerals), Oligosaccharides, Natural mint flavoring
Packaging: 30 ml/ bottle
Recommended for: 1. Individuals over 1 year old
2. Daily supplement for health protection
Recommended Dosage: 1.Normal dosage: Drop 1ml under the tongue, half dose is recommended for children.
2. Enhanced dosage: Drop 2ml under the tongue, three times per day.
3. Can be mixed with water
Attention: To keep product fresh, please do not touch mouth and saliva when using the dropper. †

Apogen Tincture 30ml

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