Essential oils are fragrances that can be found in plant cells that are adapted for their production. However, not all plants produce oils.

Their composition is similar (up to 300 different components!), But they often differ in particular compounds; it depends on the plant species, the area in which it grows, and so on. In the composition of essential oils we will find such compounds as:

- aldehydes,

- ketones

- esters

- alcohols

- terpenes

- amines

- lactones.


Essential oils are needed for plants to lure insects or protect themselves from predators - oils, although they have a pleasant smell, have a bitter taste.

Oils are obtained by equal methods, however the most popular are steam distillation or extraction. Their use is very wide - they are used in the perfume and cosmetics industries. However, their widest and most widespread use is aromatherapy and treatment of various types of diseases. We can also find them in pharmacy preparations - disinfectants, antifungal and antibacterial agents.


The use of essential oils:

- inhalations

- infusions

- skin application (after dilution in base oil)

- baths

- massages

- adding to skin care cosmetics (e.g. shampoos).


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