Decottopia class: 

Food supplement with no alcohol, no sugar, no preservatives, no gluten. 
For those who want a sweet variety, of course thanks to the Stevia glycosides. 
Physiological effect: 
Kombu and Fucus: stimulation of the metabolism; 
Pineapple: Contrast of cellulite; 
Damiana and Horsetail: drainage of body liquids and function of urinary tracts. 
Product features: 
The action of the kombu with that of 17 other herbs, helps your body regain and maintain the best balance of fat, helping to reduce cellulite. Restores proper functioning of the basal metabolism, exerts diuretic and slimming. Slim-Kombu (combined extract Slim-Kalormech) is the basis of the post-Tisanoreica maintenance treatment. 

Plants: Kombu, Pineapple, Damiana, Fucus, Dandelion, Siberian ginseng, muira puama, Rosemary, Horsetail, bearberry, Guar, Birch, Ononis, Cress, Juniper, Ash, Chervil, Nettle, Stevia.

Balestra & Mech Slim Kombu Algae 500ml

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