Black cumin oil - cold pressed (100ml) - Egypt

Black cumin oil is characterized by an unusual combination of sweet, bitter and spicy flavor. . Cold pressed retains all the nutrients. It shows a beneficial effect on the digestive system, liver and immune system. 



1 - 2 teaspoons as an additive to foods. Use cold.


Store in a dry, cool place.


Cold pressed black cumin seed oil


NUTRITION 100 g The alue Energy 819kcal. 

Fat 91g (q. Tł. Saturated 11g sq. Tł. Monounsaturated 20g sq. Tł. Polyunsaturated 60g)

Carbohydrates 0g,

Fiber 0g,

Protein 0g,

Vitamin E 21mg.

Black cumin oil - cold pressed (100ml) - Egypt

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