Botavikos Aroma Diffuser 100% natural ingredients
This fragrance invites you to a magnificent wedding

ceremony in the midst of a blooming extravagant garden,
in which a hypnotic sensual jasmine reigns
accompanied by a bergamot that skillfully combines
juiciness, sweetness and grassy coolness of a summer
morning. The cool, light citrus
notes of orange and tangerine and the lemon freshness of the
litsea cubeba with a soft shade of fresh hay come forward, but
they also cannot afford to cool the fire-breathing
floral procession. Here is a hot sunny ylang-ylang
with its aquatic accent and subtle sea
breeze, and a slightly grassy geranium, and a honey wine
rose, and a gentle bitter-tart candy neroli.
Pimenta essential oil and rosewood give a
blooming riot of pungency and spice, while only

enhancing the indefatigable floristic glow.

Method of application:  

Place rattan sticks in a storage tank with the composition. To maintain the aroma, you must turn the sticks every other day. You can adjust the aroma by decreasing or increasing the number of sticks. Packs of 100 ml of interior perfume last for 6-8 weeks of use.

The set includes:  

Filler with the composition, volume 100 ml.
Rattan sticks, 6 pieces.

Made in Russia



Botavikos perfumes with bergamot and jasmine 100% Natural Room Diffuser 100ml

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