Give your skin an expressive care that is comparable to professional SPA treatments! Dizao Natural Express Lifting Face Mask is 99.6% natural ingredients for maximum modeling and maximum pleasure!


Created to meet individual skin needs, Dizao Natural Mask active lifting pomegranate and collagen provides effective facial contours: pomegranate extracts, ginkgo japan and algae in conjunction with plant collagen proteins to nourish and firm the skin, providing effective facial contour improvement. The use of masks activates the production of natural collagen and helps smooth out even deep wrinkles.


99.6% natural ingredients
Contains vegetable collagen and vegetable hyaluronic acid
SPA-effect: reconstruction, facial modeling
It does not contain parabens, GMOs, chemical products
Eco-friendly, comfortable packaging

Not Tested On Animals

Effect: immediate "firming" and strengthening of the upper layer of the skin, facelift effect, oval facial modulation, pleasant aroma and feeling in the cosmetic surgery.


Use: apply a mask to the cleansed skin and leave for 5-10 minutes, remove the mask and wash your face with warm water. It is recommended to repeat the course daily for 10 days, then use the mask 1-2 times a week.

Dizao Natural Face Mask Garnet & Collagen Pomegranate 22g

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