A quick solution to "embarrassing" problems! 
The product is intended for gentle skin care around the anus and crotch. High safety allows use the product for hemorrhoids.

The unique synergistic combination of ingredients prevents the formation of dislocations, irritation, itching and cracks. The active ingredients of the preparation have anti-inflammatory, soothing and topical regenerating properties; they support the improvement of blood microcirculation, support the intensive fight of discomfort in the anal area. The product actively supports the restoration of the elasticity and flexibility of the walls of the vessels and muscles around the anus, thus helping to prevent the formation of edema and hemorrhoids. 

The exceptional effectiveness of the preparation is achieved by combining natural extracts of hamamelis and oak bark, traditionally used in conventional medicine and folk medicine for phlebitis, varicose veins and hemorrhoids.


Application: product should be applied topically, lubricating the skin in the vicinity of problem areas.

Dosage, frequency and duration of use are determined individually.


Product made in the UK for Ukraine market

Dr Retter No.65 Hamamelis and Oak Bark Ointment 50ml

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