Bamboo Tooth Brush Hard

The natural toothbrush with hard, wave-shaped bristels


  • Free from BPA
  • Natural antibacterial effect
  • Completely biodegradable


The natural toothbrush with hard, wave-shaped bristels.

The handle is made from natural bamboo. Bamboo is a renewable raw material with high stability. Bamboosimultaneously inhibts the growth of micro organisms, which is why the use of pesticides and fertilizers are not used during cultivation. Bacteria in the area of the mouth are also inhibited, thanks to the antibacterial properties of the bamboo handle. It is neither possible for the formation of germs to occur on the handle of the toothbrush.

The toothbrush by ecobamboo is produced using Moso bamboo. This bamboo is not eaten by pandas. It is cultivated and sold privately by farmers.
With its elegant design, the handle has a sturdy hold. 

The bristles are produced using nylon4. This material is biodegradable and has a pleasant and natural feel in the mouth. As such, oral hygiene becomes a very pleasant experience!
The bristles are classified as being "BPA-free" and are free from bisphenol A, a softener that can be found on some plastic toothbrushes, has been proven to a negative impact on health.

The packaging is composed of a carton box that does not pollute the environment. It is fully and completely biodegradable. The transparent outter packaging is composed of plant fibers and is also completely and fully biodegradable.

This toothbrush has a similar longevity to conventional toothbrushes, when it is taken care of. It is however recommended to replace toothbrushes every 3 months or as soon as the bristles are worn out. The bamboo handle may lighten with time, however this is a natural process. Rinse any toothpaste residue thoroughly from the toothbrush after each application/use. Store the toothbrush in a dry place and not in a cup.

Ecobamboo Bamboo Tooth Brush Hard

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