Ecodenta Cosmos Certified Organic Anti-Plaque Toothpaste 99% natural ingredients
Certified organic anti-plaque toothpaste with natural coconut oil and zinc salt for daily tooth-care. 
The active ingredient zinc salt has an anti-bacterial effect, helps break down bacteria colonies on the surface of the teeth, and reduce the formation of new plaque.
Coconut oil traditionally is considered to be a natural tooth-whitener and breath-refresher. 
The natural ingredients help remove dental plaque and prevent interdental tartar from forming.
Another ingredient, xylitol, is known by its re-mineralisation of tooth enamel stimulating properties. This gently coconut-flavoured toothpaste has the freshness of peppermint.
Tested by dentists.
A certified ecological product


Suitable for Vegan

Ecodenta Organic Coconut Anti Plaque Toothpaste 100 ml

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