Feet gel contains a unique combination of natural plant extracts. Thanks to the rich recipe it is refreshing and vitalizing. It facilitates legs skin care. It removes fatigue and gives a feeling of freshness and lightness for tired legs.

Recommended for persons who are standing and sitting for a long time. The gel is well absorbed, it leaves no greasy film on the skin and does not stain clothing. For all skin types throughout the year.


Components of the gel improve skin circulation, seal small blood vessels reducing their tendency to crack. They quickly remove fatigue and give a feeling of relaxation. They moisturise the skin, effectively soothe irritations and prevent their occurrence. Extract from the leaves of plantain gives a feeling of relaxation, freshness and lightness to tired legs. Cracking blood vessels and "spider veins" are not aesthetic, so you should care for healthy appearance of the legs not only during the spring and summer. This is why prevention is of high importance.

It contains only natural ingredients


- Plantain
- Chestnut
- Japanese ginkgo
- Japanese pagoda

How to use:

Apply the gel topical in an amount that is absorbable to the skin. Then massage. Apply to clean skin. Regular use increases efficiency. Use externally at least two times a day or more depending on needs.



EkaMedica Chestnut + Japanese Pagoda Gel Relief for Tired Legs 200ml

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