Did you know that ... the name "Gold of Siberia" sea buckthorn owes not only to the color of berries, but also to flexibility and nutritional value. Already in ancient times it was appreciated for its nutritional properties. For centuries, it is used by Tibetan medicine. During World War I dried fruits replaced synthetic vitamin C. The sea buckthorn oil was given to Russian astronauts as a supplement of vitamins and radiation protection.



Modern research confirms that the active substances contained in sea buckthorn strengthen the walls of blood vessels and prevent the oxidation of cholesterol. In many Russian hospitals sea buckthorn oil can be used to assist in the treatment of ulcers.


Active ingredients:

Its fruit contain unsaturated fatty acids, minerals and pectin, vitamin C, E, K and the B group (B1, B2, B6). Minerals - iron, phosphorus and mangan- favorably affect the processes of absorption of vitamins and other nutrients that enhance the tissue and prevent anemia. In the cosmetics industry, sea buckthorn is used for the production of preparations for sunbathing as a natural blocker of UVA and UVB rays.

EkaMedica Natural Sea Buckthorn Oil 50ml

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