number of portions: 60

Dietary supplement F-CALCIUM D3 contains calcium (citrate) and vitamin D (D3)
from lanolin powder.

  • Calcium citrate

A well absorbed form of calcium

  • Vitamin D3

Supports the absorption of calcium

  • An innovative form of powder

No artificial fillers, dyes and preservatives



The daily portion of 1.3 g contains (reference intake value%):

  • Calcium citrate - 1 300 mg,
  • of which: calcium- 273 mg (34%),
  • Vitamin D (D3) - 5 μg (100%).

Ingredients: calcium (calcium citrate), vitamin D (cholecalciferol).
Package contents net: 78 g.
Servings per container: 60.


1. Pour 1 portion (1 flat scoop) into a dry container.
2. Add 200 ml of water or juice and mix well.

Note- calcium compounds are sparingly soluble
in water.

After the preparation of the product, a precipitate may form. Consume 1 time a day during a meal. Shake the container vigorously before drinking.



Calcium together with vitamin D support the maintenance of healthy bones and teeth. They also support the functioning of the muscular system. Vitamin D helps in the absorption
and use of calcium as well as in maintaining its normal level in the blood.


Do not exceed the recommended daily intake per day. The product cannot be used by pregnant women, nursing women and children without medical consultation.

Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. We recommend a balanced way of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.



ForMeds F-Calcium D3 - 60 Portions

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