Servings: 60


Dietary supplement F-COLOSTRUM contains colostrum in powder form with no artificial additives.

Colostrum of natural origin

From milk of cows grazed in pastures in The Netherlands

High dose of colostrum

600 mg in 1 portion

Innovative powder form

No artificial fillers, colours and preservatives



Dietary supplement F-COLOSTRUM supplements diet with colostrum. Colostrum is obtained from milk of cows grazed in pastures in The Netherlands. Hormones are not given to the cows and final product is not GMO. Powder's activity is 80% in comparison to fresh colostrum.


Nutrition information

One serving 0,6 g contains:

  • Colostrum - 600 mg.

Ingredients: colostrum (bovine colostrum). 
Net weight: 36 g.
Servings per container: 60.

Recommended use

1. Pour 1 serving (1 spoon) into a dry glass.
2. Add 200 ml of water or other beverage and stir.

Caution - please keep the using order to disolve the powder.
Use once a day with a meal. 
Shake container before use.


Made in Poland

ForMeds F-Colostrum 60servings

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