number of portions: 60


Dietary supplement F-LECITHIN contains sunflower lecithin in the form of a powder.

Lecithin sunflower

A natural source of lecithin

1 100 mg in a serving

A high dose of lecithin

An innovative form of powder

No artificial fillers, dyes and preservatives



A daily dose of 1.1 g contains:

  • Lecithin sunflower - 1 100 mg.

Ingredients: sunflower lecithin. 
Net content of the package: 66 g. 
Servings per container: 60.



1. Pour 1 portion (1 flat scoop) into a dry container. 
2. Add 200 ml of water or another beverage 
and mix. 
Note - the order of preparation should be maintained to thoroughly dissolve the powder. Consume 1 time a day during a meal. Shake the container vigorously before using.

ForMeds F-Lecithin Natural Lecithin 66g - 60 Portions

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