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Indications: Dih is a drug in the form of tablets indicated for combating the symptoms associated with venous insufficiency (leg pain, feeling of heaviness) and for the symptomatic treatment of anal varicose veins. The preparation contains diosmin, a substance classified as bioflavonoids, which has a protective effect on blood vessels. 
Action:  diosmin contained in the preparation increases the tone of venous vessels and has a protective effect on blood vessels.
Dosage:  2 tablets daily with a meal, i.e. 1 tablet in the morning and evening. Only in cases of exacerbation of symptoms caused by varicose veins of the anus, it is recommended to administer higher doses of up to 6 tablets a day, i.e. twice a day for 3 tablets for 4 days, and for the next 3 days to reduce the dose: 4 tablets a day, i.e. 2 times for 2 tablets .
Contraindications:  allergic to any of the ingredients, pregnancy, lactation .


Composition: 1 tablet contains: active substance: micronized diosmin 500mg and auxiliary substances: microcrystalline cellulose, povidone, sodium carboxymethyl starch, magnesium stearate, shell Opadry II 85F24220 Pink.


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Hasco DIH 500mg, 60 tablets

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