Teething gel - soothes irritation, tenderness and redness of the gums

There are several important moments in the life of an infant, marking the successive stages of its proper development. One of those moments is teething. Most often, teething begins in the sixth or seventh month of life. Teeth usually erupt in pairs at intervals of 1-2 months. And although teething is very individual for each child, about a year old babies already have 6-8 teeth. And in the third year of life they has all his milk teeth.


It's worth reaching for Viburgel

Teething is not a pleasant experience for a child. Usually the child becomes restless and tearful. The splitting of teeth can also be accompanied by pain and fever. Then it is worth reaching for Viburgel, which, acting locally, completes the effect of Viburcol.


Why use Viburgel

Viburgel soothes irritation, tenderness and redness of the gums 1*:

clove oil has analgesic and antimicrobial properties and locally anesthesia

chamomile has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties

Clary sage has astringent and inflammatory properties

In addition, Viburgel:

is well tolerated

does not contain sugar 1*

creates a protective film 2*

does not contain artificial additives

has a pleasant taste

protects against caries 3*

has a cooling effect 3*

does not contain lidocaine 4*

Recommended for infants and children from 4 months of age.

1* Zofia Kula et al., The use of essential oils in dentistry, Art. Dent, Vol. 14; No. 4 (62) / 2016: 254 - 257.

2* Thanks to the content of the guillotine

3* Thanks to the xylitol content

4* Lidocaine should not be used by teething children


How to use Viburgel

Viburgel can be used to care for the gums at the first sign of the beginning of the teething process: when the mucous membrane surrounding the gums becomes thinner, more tense and red, and the new milk tooth begins to pierce through it.

You can use a hygiene stick or finger pad to apply the gel. A portion of about 2 cm of the gel should be squeezed out of the tube and massaged gently into the irritated place on the gum.

Viburgel can be used up to 3 times a day, preferably after a meal or at bedtime.

Wash your hands thoroughly before and after Viburgel application.

Tip: To obtain an additional cooling effect, Viburgel gel can be stored in the refrigerator. Do not store in the freezer.


Product made in Germany for Polish market


Heel Viburgel 10ml Teething gel

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