100% natural Chasteberry oil

Botanical name: Vitex agnus-castus. Family : Lamiaceae
Acquisition method: steam distiliation
Used part: fruit
Cultivation method: wild growing herb


Usage: Traditionally, the oil was used in aromatheraphy in order to balance the feminine energies during all the moon phases.

In order to balance your energy, apply 1 drop to the wrist, stomach, acupuncture points or use 10 drops with a hot bath. It can be used in aromatheraphy in amounts of 5-10 drops and for body massage.


Contraindications: pregnancy, contraception pills, intrauterine device, hormonal replacement theraphy

Chasteberry has been known for over 2500 years. The earliest documented usage dates back to the ancient Greek and Roman cultures

Chasteberry fruit contain various alkaloids and flavonoids, as well as other substances which work as steroid hormones precursors.

Volume: 10 ml


Made in Poland

Hepatica 100% natural Chasteberry oil 10ml

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