Supporting proper work of liver


dried herbs: artichoke herb, nettle herb, mint herb, lemon balm herb, juniper fruit, hop cone, fennel fruit.


The preparation gently improves liver secretion functions. Works cholagogue and cholagogue. It helps to remove toxic substances from the body associated e.g. with the abuse of drugs or alcohol. Use as an adjunct in digestive disorders.


How to use:
1 sachet (4g) brew in the morning with 2 cups of boiling water (2 x 200 ml). Brew for 15 min. Drink during the day; 1 cup 200ml 20 minutes before breakfast, 2 cup while 20 minutes before dinner. The recommended portion for consumption during the day is an infusion of 4 g herbs (1 sachet)


Store in a dry place at room temperature, protected from light, out of reach of children.


Net content:



Herb’s of father Klimuszko Watroba for Liver30x4g

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