• 100% Botanical Organic Hair Colour, safest hair colour, made of only herbs and botanicals.
  • Extra safe and gentle. It has no chemical whatsoever. The hair colour has no added fragrances, has a great herbal aroma.
  • Hair Colour for Sensitive or Allergic People, hypo-allergic person, pregnant ladies & lactating mothers.
  • No damage to hair, no hair loss. This damage-free hair colour best to soothe hair concerns like dandruff, dry hair.
  • Available in Beautiful shades
  • Trusted & Certified; Ecocert Organic, USDA Organic, Halal India and India Organic Certified.


Indus Valley Botanical Hair Colour, a best Organic and chemical-free hair colour, made of eight herbs, for rich hair colour and conditioning. The people who are allergic to hair dyes or chemical based hair colours, Botanical Hair Colour is the best hair colour they can opt. This 100% Natural Hair Colour assembles of eight enriched botanicals or herbs that gives vibrant hair colour along with natural conditioning to hair causing no allergies or side effects. This is 100% Natural Hair colour made of herbs and has no chemical whatsoever. Also, if you have taken past chemical treatments on hair, it may take more than one application to transform the colours to hair due to the absence of chemicals. The hair colour stays for 2-4 weeks due to its non-chemical nature.


  • Chamomile, Henna, Manjistha and Indigo: Herbs nurtured the hair for the outcome of Rich, Vibrant, Lifelong Luminous hair colour. 
  • Amla, Fenugreek, Brahmi, and Colourless Henna: These herbs penetrate each strand of hairs thoroughly while nourishing the hair follicles from roots that will boost up the natural hair growth and results in Young, happy and beautiful hairs.
  • The herbs will also shield the hair colour against environmental factors (dirt, pollution and sun) to make it stay in for a long and meanwhile safeguard from hair damage as well.
  • Hair Colour Shades:
  • Indus Black Hair Colour: If you have more than 25% grey hairs then use Indus Black Hair Colour.
  • Soft Black Hair Colour: If you have less than 25% grey hairs then use Indus Black Hair Colour.
  • Dark Brown: Want lighter shade than the usual black, pick dark brown hair colour.
  • Light Brown: For the people who want their hair to be light and bold.
  • No lighter shade will be giving colour on darker hair, due to absence of chemicals.


  • Pre shampoo your hair to cleanse them.
  • Mix hair powder in boiled water and prepare a thick paste with no lumps and granules.
  • Hair colour powder quantity depends on the hair length. For neck to shoulder length, use half to one sachet.
  • Apply the paste with the help of applicator brush with gloves covered hand.
  • Keep it for 45-60 minutes. Cover your head with a shower cap to protect the paste from water and dirt.
  • Rinse it off the residue properly under running water, tap dry your hair.

For Indus Black:

Apply Sachet A and keep for 45-50 minutes, wash your hair with water. Tower dry your hair then apply Pack B and wait for another 35-40 minutes. Rinse it off.


Contents of the Box:

2 Sachets of Colour Powder (60g each), Pair of Gloves, Shower Cap, ApplicatorBrush, and Instruction Leaflet.


Ear Length = Half Sachet

Neck Length = 1 Sachet

Arm Pit Lenghth = 1.5 Sachet

Mid Back Length = 2 Sachets


Made in India




Indus Valley Organic Botanical Hair Colour 120g

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