ORGANIC SILICA LINEPOWER OF MINERALS – SOURCE OF NATURAL BEAUTY Monionic silicon and organic boron are the basic active components in the Organic Silica line, which has regenerative, soothing and moisturising properties. Those minerals play a crucial role in collagen restoration and elastin production. Silicon is a constituent of soft tissues and mucous membranes. Being a cellular youth creator, it is responsible for skin elasticity. Active substances in Organic Silica are excellent at mineralising, they facilitate binding water in the epidermis, and removing toxins from cells, which helps their rejuvenation. The range of the Organic Silica line of dermocosmetics was expanded to include special series enriched with hyaluronic acid and copper to meet the demands of the skin in need of intense moisturising or oxygenation (copper). Skin is protected from free radicals and epidermis aging is prevented. ACTIVE REGENERATING EYE CREAM WITH ORGANIC SILICA SILOR+B 15 ML A light cream designed to care for dry and sensitive skin around eyes. Based on the innovative monoionic technology that increase the permeability of the active substance through the epidermis. Silica monoions contained in cream regenerate and calm the skin. Grape seeds oil moisturizes and improves skin tension around eyes. Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant and protects against harmful external factors. Vitamin PP stimulates production of collagen and is also very strong antioxidant. It slows down formation of free radicals and brightens skin around eyes. Included panthenol is a natural soothing skin ingredient. Active ingredients: monoionic silica, grape seed oil, vitamin E, PP, panthenol.  


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BBE Dec 2020 - still good for another 2 months

Invex Remedies Organic Silica Regenerating Eye Cream 15ml

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