Kerabione Booster Oils Strengthening hair serum is a cosmetic designed for the care of the scalp, Especially hair with a tendency to fall out.


Kerabione Booster Oils Strengthening hair serum helps to maintain the health of the scalp using natural plant extracts. 


The formula against hair loss KERABIONE BOOSTER Oils has been developed to help maintain healthy hair.


It contains fatty acids and essential oils that directly or indirectly contribute to normal hair growth, and vitamins for the hair. KERABIONE BOOSTER Oils is a combination of essential oils essential for your hair:

  • sweet almond oil - widely used in cosmetics for hair and scalp care due to its nutritional and moisturizing properties; 
  • rosemary oil - thanks to which the hair maintains its volume and looks more dense; 
  • lavender oil, which regenerates and revitalizes hair follicles and  bergamot and Ylang-Ylang oils, with aromatherapeutic properties.

Package contents: 4 x 20 ml


Best Before End April - Still good for another 3 months

Kerabione Booster (Biocell) hair strengthening serum 80 ml

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