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Lehning drugs are developed and manufactured to a homeopathic method described in the French and European Pharmacopoeia, and in accordance with strict quality criteria. Known to be effective, solutions Lehning are under preparation and rigorous controls, from their design to their availability in the pharmaceutical dispensary.

The rigor of preparation
In homeopathy, 2500 substances are used, the most common to the rarest, enjoying a SEO and full traceability to drug delivery. Raw materials of plant, mineral or animal all follow a strict schema validation before being used in the manufacturing process.


LEHNING PHYTOTUX  is a herbal medicine herbal use in the adjunctive treatment of acute benign bronchial affections.


 Indications: Cough. Airway inflammation with component spastic.Adjunctive therapy in colds and inflammations of the upper and lower respiratory tract. Inflammation of the trachea and bronchi.


Drug form and composition:
Syrup - 250ml contains: IPEC D4, Senega D2, D3 Hyoscyamus, Belladonna D4, Hedera helix D1 aa 5ml, 92,5ml Purified Water, Sucrose 209,75g, natural orange flavor 0,93ml,
Carmel 0,08ml ; Sodium methyl parahydroxybenzoate 0.17 g, sodium propyl parahydroxybenzoate 0,085g.


Action: The drug relaxant properties, and reduce the secretion of mucous membranes of the respiratory system. As used in the treatment of lower respiratory tract inflammation of the trachea to bronchopneumonia during the initial period extending from paroxysmal dry cough spastic prone to vomiting. Applied as an auxiliary in asthmatic attacks with spastic cough, shortness of breath. Effective for cough occurring paroxysmal, lying down, at night, prone to vomiting.


Recommended for: - cough paroxysmal prone to vomiting, - a night cough with shortness of breath and difficult expectoration, - inflammation of the trachea - bronchitis with component spastic, - pneumonia with component spastic.

Dosage: Unless your doctor tells you otherwise, adults and children over 12 years: 3 times a day 1 tablespoon. the drug administered orally between meals at intervals 1/2 hours before or 1 hour after a meal .


Product made in France for Polish Market



Lehning Phytotux Ipeca Cough Syrup 250ml

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