Melisana Klosterfrau Melissengeist by Klosterfrau (155ml Tonic)

Klosterfrau's flagship product, this tonic based on 13 natural herbs has a firm place in almost every German household.

100 ml of distilled contains essential oils with an alcohol of 4.04 g of the mixture: 10.48% lemon balm leaves, rhizomes Oman 13.96% 134.96% angelica root, ginger roots 13.96% 5.57% carnation flowers. rhizomes galangi 5.57% of the fruit of black pepper 1.39% gentian root 13.69% 13.96% pericarp of orange, cinnamon bark, 6.28%, 0.7% cassia flowers, fruits, cardamom 0.2% 100 ml contains 62 mg of volatile oils from said material in 66.8% (V / V) ethanol
Oral administration:Conventionally used is usually 1 to 3 teaspoonfuls of diluted at least twice the amount of water or other liquid, or given no dilution to a sugar cube.Externally:It should be rubbed into the preparation site of the pain. When used on sensitive skin areas, or use as a compress, the drug may be diluted with two parts of water.
The product is used internally in the alternative, neurotic symptoms, states of mental and physical stress, sleep disorders, and in gastrointestinal disorders nervosa, flatulence, lack of appetite. Externally it is used in nerve pain, muscular pain, inflammation of the gums.
Not used for peptic ulcer of the stomach and intestines. The medicament comprises 66% by volume of ethanol. By using a drug. taking the recommended dosage in all three spoons to 7.8 g of alcohol.It should not be used in:* children* patients with liver diseases* pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers* people suffering from alcoholism* people after traumatic brain injury* patients with epilepsy

Melisana Klosterfrau 155ml Tonic

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