Yunnan Pressed Green Jasmine Tea in Cubes


Composition: pressed leaves of fresh green tea  (camelia sinensis),  trace amounts of jasmine flower petals.

Net weight: 125 g


Storage: Store at room temperature in a dry place.


Producer: HaiChao Teablocks. What. Ltd. China (Yunnan)


Recommended use: Pour 1 serving (tea cube) with boiling water from 0.25 l to 0.5 l. Brew for about 5 minutes.

Real taste, aroma and properties typical of high-quality green tea originating from the tea land - Yunnan, enriched with the aroma of natural jasmine flower - my favorite. 

Production technology: fresh jasmine inflorescence is mixed with tea and so matures for about a month, taking on the aroma. Then the inflorescence is removed with compressed air, although trace amounts of jasmine petals remain.

Meridian Yunnan Pressed Green Jasmine Tea in Cubes 125g

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