Body Oil  is a product dedicated to pregnant women. A specialized oil that effectively and safely prevents stretch marks and skin elasticity. It absorbs very quickly. Its application is facilitated thanks to the pump pack. 

You will love this product for its rich composition in:
- sweet almond oil - delicate, but very effective. Protects the skin from stretch marks. Perfectly moisturizes and elasticises the skin; 
- inca inchi oil - strengthens the lipid barrier of the skin, affects the production of collagen; 
- jojoba oil - excellent for use during and after pregnancy, ideally moisturizes; 
- Coconut oil - moisturizes, cares for the condition of dehydrated skin; 
- argan oil - has a strong moisturizing effect, it helps in fighting not only with stretch marks,
- mango extract - increases the elasticity of the skin; 
- blueberry extract - strengthens the skin and softens it. 

Grease the oil in your breast, abdomen, thighs and buttocks. Apply from the first days of pregnancy and also, if possible, one month after birth. 


Best Before April 2019

Nacomi - Skin Care Oil For Pregnant Women 130ml

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