Facial cosmetics should be properly selected, because the skin is very sensitive to the effects of not only external factors, but also of other artificial substances. Therefore, when buying cosmetics for face care, it is worth paying attention to the natural composition of the product.
 The composition of the product is based on lemon and aloe extract - a composition characterized by cleansing and moisturizing properties. The mist deeply nourishes the skin, ensuring better regeneration and firming. The systematic use of the cosmetic helps to stop the effects of aging and water loss, making the skin smooth and full of vitality. Easy to use, it emphasizes makeup in an interesting way, helping to consolidate and refresh the skin during the day.


  • deep cleansing and moisturizing;
  • acceleration of regeneration and relief of irritation;
  • reduction of signs of aging;
  • firming and smoothing;
  • refreshing the skin during the day;
  • makeup fixation.


Spray the face with mist from a distance of approx. 20-30 cm. Can be used several times a day to highlight makeup or refresh.


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Nature Queen Natural Glow & Brightening mist 100ml

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