Extremely mild micellar water, that soothes and moisturizes the skin. Wheat germ extract fights free radicals that cause skin aging. Sodium lactate has very strong moisturizing properties. Lactic acid regulates the process of keratinization of the skin, has antibacterial properties, at the same time taking care of proper hydration, which is why it works in acne skin care. In addition, the content of chamomile, wheat germ extract and panthenol soothes skin irritations and inflammations and strengthens the skin's protective barrier. In addition, it contains urea, which supports the moisturizing effect, making the skin elastic.


Active ingredients: Wheat germ extract, sodium lactate, chamomile extract, vitamin B5, lactic acid, urea.


Usage: Apply a small amount of liquid to the cotton pad, then wipe the face and eyelids with it. Repeat until the petal is completely clean.


Made in Poland




Nature Queen Regenerating micellar toner 200ml

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