Vitamin D and K play essential roles within our bodies that is why it is important to maintain their proper levels. In order to make it easier for you, we have prepared a product D3+K2 which within contains 1000% NRV of vitamin D and 200% of vitamin K. On the contrary to many other products, we have used organic K MK7 vitamins from soya, instead of synthetic which can be easily found in similar products.

Vitamin D:

  • supports calcium assimilation
  • helps maintain healthy teeth and bones
  • supports proper functioning of muscles and immune system

Vitamin K:

  • is responsible for blood coagulation
  • helps maintain healthy bones



Active ingredients Vitamin D3+K2: 

Amount per 2 capsules:

Vitamin D

50 µg (1000% NRV)*

Vitamin K MK7

150 µg (200% NRV)*

* % Nutrient Reference Value
Product ingredients: bulking agent - maltodextrin, gelatine, vitamin mix: menaquinone MK7 (vitamin K), cholecalciferol (vitamin D); colourant - titanium dioxide.

Noble Health D3 + K2 60 Caps

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