Detoxification in 7 days – 9 active substances in 1 capsule to cleanse the body!

Detox Max is a product for those who wish to cleanse the body of excess toxins.

  • Dandelion root supports detoxification process of the body as well as digestive functions. In addition, it has a beneficial effect on the liver and functioning of the urinary system (kidneys).
  • Viola Tricolor supports proper functioning of the digestive system.
  • Milk thistle seeds aid in maintaining proper functions of the liver responsible for digestive processes and body cleansing (detoxification functions).
  • Aloe Vera helps to remove by-products of metabolism out of the system and has a detoxifying effect.
  • Nettle supports renal functions of kidneys.
  • Prunes contain pectins which cleanse the body of excess toxins.
  • Fiber facilitates functioning of the digestive system.

 Synergy of ingredients to ensure proper cleansing of your body.



The content in 3 capsules

Powdered Aloe Vera juice

210 mg


150 mg

Oat fiber

120 mg

Barley fiber

120 mg

Apple fiber

120 mg

Common nettle

90 mg

Dandelion root

90 mg

Viola Tricolor

90 mg

Milk thistle seeds

90 mg

Noble Health Detox Max 21 Caps

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