3 characteristics of beautiful hair that you take care of with our jellies: health1), color2), shine3).

Bears for healthy hair are an adult diet supplement in the form of jellies.

In every bear that you eat there are 13 nutrients + orange flavor!

Each nutrient in the preparation covers, in the recommended dose for consumption, 100% or more of its daily requirement, e.g. biotin is up to 500% RDIs!

Biotin1), zinc, selenium help to keep your hair healthy.

Copper2) helps to maintain proper pigmentation of the hair. It favorably affects hair's color and brilliance.

Niacin, vitamin A help to maintain healthy skin.

Vitamin E, manganese help to protect cells against oxidative stress.

We locked the beneficial ingredients in orange jelly bears, so that the hair care was as pleasant as possible!

1 jelly = only 3 cal!



Bears for healthy hair - Ingredients:


in the daily dose (2 jellies) 


250 µg (500% RWS*)

Vitamine A

800 µg (100% RWS*)

Vitamine E

 24 mg (200% RWS*)


2,2 mg (200% RWS*)

Vitamine B6

2,8 mg (200% RWS*)


32 mg (200% RWS*)

Pantothenic acid

12 mg (200% RWS*)

Folic acid

400 µg (200% RWS*)

Vitamine B12

5 µg (200% RWS*)


10 mg (100% RWS*)


1 mg (100% RWS*)


2 mg (100% RWS*)


55 µg (100% RWS*)

 * – Reference Intake

Noble Health Heathy Hair Supplement Bears 60 Gummies

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