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Lemon Balm  500mg - 1 month supply
500 mg of lemon balm within a daily intake to soothe your needs.

Lemon balm is a popular herb of many valuable properties. The product belongs to the Basic line, its primary ingredient is a lemon balm. It does not contain any additives, colourants, or other unnecessary substances which are obsolete for your body - only 500 mg lemon balm extract sealed in a capsule.

Active ingredient:
Lemon Balm

  • helps relax
  • helps maintain positive mood
  • induces good and healthy sleep
  • supports proper blood circulation functions

Basic line - closer to nature


Best Before End of May 2020 - can be used within 2 months after

Product ingredients: lemon balm leaf extract (Melissa officinalis), gelatine.

Active ingredient Melissa:

Amount per 2 capsules:

Lemon balm leaf extract

500 mg

Noble Health Melisa Lemon Balm 500mg 60 Caps

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