White mulberry

White mulberry is a plant native to the Far East but is now widespread around the world. Its properties meant that we decided to enclose 250 mg of mulberry leaf extract in each capsule, so that you could find out about these features. The cellulose capsule means that the product is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. As always, we have also made sure that the contents of the capsules reach you intact and unchanged - hence the tightly closed dark glass packaging that protects against external factors.

Active ingredient of the preparation:

White mulberry inhibits the activity of enzymes responsible for the breakdown of carbohydrates into glucose, which limits its absorption. White mulberry may contribute to the maintenance of a balanced carbohydrate metabolism in the human body by limiting the rapid increase in blood glucose levels after meals.


Suitable for vegans - no ingredients of animal origin.


Active ingredient of the preparation:

Content in 2 capsules:

White mulberry leaf extract

500 mg

White mulberry is a preparation from the Basic line, so you will find it in a simple composition - no additives. The composition of the preparation is: white mulberry leaf extract (Morus alba), glazing agent - hydroxypropyl methylcellulose.

There are no random ingredients in our products - each of them performs a specific, important function. Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is a substance of plant origin and the main building block of the capsule. As you can see, we made sure that the composition does not contain any substances of animal origin - so that the product is suitable for vegans.



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