Omegaregen Skin Care L 250ml


Omegaregen Skin Care is a dietary supplement with a cosmetic effect, providing the skin with natural building materials and vitamins necessary for its regeneration, strengthening and protection.


Alphalinolenic acid (omega 3), vitamin A, E and D and coenzyme Q 10. A unique preparation recommended by dermatologists in the treatment and prevention of skin problems and as a key ingredient in the anti-aging diet.


The composition of Omegaregen Skin Care has been developed and approved by scientists and a team of cosmetologists and dermatologists. Thanks to this, it is a set of essential vitamins and ingredients that are necessary for the care and regeneration of skin at any age!


Composition 5ml of the product:

omega 3 (α-linolenic acid - ALA) - 2.9g

omega 9 (oleic acid - OA) - 0.9g

omega 6 (linoleic acid - LA) - 0.8g (5% *)

Coenzyme Q10 - 30 mg

Vitamin E - 10 mg

vitamin A - 0.4mg (56.4%)

vitamin D - 5μg (100%)
* RDA - percentage of the recommended daily allowance for a diet of 1800-2700 kcal/d


Made in Poland



Omegaregen Skin Care 250ml

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