Opokan Med
Warming Patch
1 Piece


The Opokan Med patch sticks directly to the skin, in place of muscular pain. The feeling of warmth and relief is immediate.
The patch provides warmth that brings relief to strained, sore muscles, enhancing local blood circulation and relieving pain.
The patch works directly in the place of pain. The patch can be used alone or in combination with oral analgesics.

The warming patch effectively relaxes and relieves muscle pain (back, shoulders, neck), neuralgia, rheumatic and joint pain.
It reduces inflammation.

Powdered iron, water, sodium salt, charcoal.

Important tips:
The patch warms up gradually to a pleasant, relieving temperature (about 55 degrees Celsius).
The patch can be kept on the skin within 12 hours, while pain relief can be felt even around the clock, it is easy to remove after use.
It is disposable and intended only for external use.

Remove the tape protecting the adhesive part of the patch and immediately stick the patch to the place of pain sensation.
The patch can be kept on the skin within 12 hours.


Made in Poland

Opokan Med Heat Back & Shoulder Pain Relief Heat Pad 1pc

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