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Pyralgina Thermo Hot is a medical device in the form of a strongly warming patch, which brings relief in pain in the back, arms, neck, lower back, as well as in rheumatic pains. The patch quickly restores activity and allows you to forget about pain. The product has been dermatologically tested.

Indications: The Pyralgina Thermo Hot warming patch is recommended for local pain (mainly for muscles, arms, back and neck).

How to use: the patch is intended only for external application directly on the skin. It should be glued in the place of felt pain, leave for 10-12 hours. The patch can be applied again in the same body part after 24 hours.

Composition: powderediron , water, salt, activated carbon, vermiculite.


Incorrect use of the patch may damage your skin.
To prevent the risk of burns, follow the instructions and observe the effects of the patch.
People with particularly sensitive skin and the elderly should use the patch only on cotton underwear, not directly on the skin.
When using the patch, do not put a lot of pressure on it, e.g. with a strap or a rubber band, or lie on a warming patch (even in bed).
Allow air to flow over the patch.
Avoid direct exposure of the patch to the sun.
The patches should be stored at room temperature in a dry place inaccessible to children and pets.
Do not store the patches in the freezer.

Made in Poland

Pyralgina Termo Hot, warming patch, 1 piece

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