"Quixx baby'' is an isotonic ocean water solution in a convenient compressed vial, which serves sterile drops without preservatives.

"Quixx baby 'contains 100% natural ocean water from the Atlantic Ocean with a wealth of valuable minerals and trace elements, it helps to restore normal nasal function.

Due to the low salt concentration, which is matched to the body's natural concentration (isotonic), ''Quixx baby " is very delicate for baby's nose.

"Quixx baby'' softens the accumulated mucus, making them easier to remove, and moistens the nasal mucosa. It helps to restore normal nasal function and your baby can breathe freely again.

Sterile dropper with antibacterial filter ensures simple and hygienic use, ideal for the daily care of sensitive baby nose

Who is Quixx baby "and what is its composition?

"Quixx baby'' is a natural nasal isotonic solution containing ocean water from the Atlantic Ocean with valuable minerals and trace elements.

The salt concentration of "Quixx baby'' is adapted to the natural levels of the body, so he gently affects your baby's nose.

What is "Quixx baby?

- For daily natural nose care, to clean and irrigate nasal cavities

- helps remove mucus from stuffy nose

- helps to remove adhered crust and slime from nasal cavities

- Helps restore dry, irritated nasal mucosa.

- As an auxiliary tool to help protect against common cold, ear, nose and throat infections caused by nasal symptoms.

- Auxiliary tool to clear a stuffy nose or runny nose symptoms, relieve colds or flu.

Who can use "Quixx baby?

"Quixx baby can be used for newborns from the first day of life, babies, children and adults, including pregnant and nursing women.

How often and how much should I take Quixx baby?

In newborns and infants up to 3 months is recommended for use in indirect deposition onto a cotton swab.

1-3 drops into each nostril of 2 to 6 times a day or more frequently if necessary.

Direct use

1. Remove the cap from the dropper.

2. Lay your baby on his back, so that the face is pointing up.

3. Push the tip of the dropper into a baby's nostril and gently squeeze the sides of the bottle until it starts to drain fluid. Before wiping the baby's nose, wait until the nostrils flow out of solution surplus.

4. Repeat the other nostril.

5. After the procedure, wipe the nozzle with soapy water, rinse and dry them (if you do not have water, you can use a sterile napkin, but the soapy water is more appropriate).

6. After use, put the cap on the dropper.

7. Do not share this product with other users.

QUIXX Baby Nasal spray 10 ml

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