Bilberry eye drops, 20x0,4ml - product description


Natural eye drops with blueberry and hyaluronic acid. The ingredients of the drops moisturize and lubricate the eyes. They relieve the symptoms of dry eyes and slight eye irritation caused by: tiredness, external factors, long-lasting work at the computer or wearing contact lenses. Drops can be used by people wearing contact lenses.
Directions for use: Wash and dry hands before use. Open the ampoule by unscrewing the upper part. Use immediately after opening. Add 2 drops to each eye. Do not touch the eye with the tip of the ampoule.
Ingredients: isotonic solution with blueberry, hyaluronic acid, HPMC 0.25%.
Store at room temperature.
Discard immediately after use. Do not use again.
To avoid infection, do not re-use the packaging.

Solinea Bilberry Eye Drops 20 ampoules x 0.4ml

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