SHITAKE 90 Vegie Caps - 450mg each - 45 servings

Mushroom Shitake is known for its healing properties in traditional Asian medicine for hundreds of years. These mushrooms clearly reduce the cholesterol content in the body, thus counteracting arteriosclerosis . They also have a number of other valuable health-promoting properties for people who care about health.

Shitake mushrooms have been used in Japan for many years in prevention and treatment:

diseases of heart and blood vessels 
diseases of the digestive system chronic 
anemia rheumatism 
allergy weakened physical and mental resistance


In the Far East, it is recognized that  shitake mushrooms provide health to people and slow down the aging process .. Nowadays, the extract from these mushrooms is increasingly used in chemotherapy. It aims to reduce the toxic effects of drugs on the healthy cells of the body and the immune system.

Yango Natural Shitake 450mg 90 Vegie caps

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