A natural, effective and safe agent that does not contain any harmful chemicals for health quickly removes fat even in cold water, suitable for washing fruit and vegetables, as well as for washing children's dishes.


Created on the basis of natural ingredients, sometimes tested when modern household chemistry has not yet been used.


Product Advantages:

  • Quickly dissolves fat in cold water
  • Easily removes various dirt
  • Gives dishes a shiny glow
  • Suitable for washing fruit and vegetables
  • Safe for washing children's dishes
  • It has a pleasant fresh aroma
  • Moisturizes and protects hands from drying


Completely biodegradable formula - suitable for home sewage treatment plants and septic tanks

The product has not been tested on animals and contains no ingredients of animal origin.

Without SLS, parabens, phosphates, formaldehyde, petroleum products.


Active ingredients:
Natural milk whey - moisturizes and protects the skin of the hands against drying and irritation

Vanilla - has a pleasant aroma that will make washing dishes more enjoyable



Usage: apply a small amount of gel to the sponge, wash the dishes, rinse with water

Composition: purified water, 5-15%: anionic surfactants, <5% nonionic surfactants, sodium chloride, opacifier (polymer), milk whey, vanilla extract, mandarin oil, organic oat extract, organic chamomile extract, perfume, kathon, citric acid, benzyl alcohol.


Volume: 500 ml

Product may leacking in transport



Zero - Ecological Dish Washing Gel - BIO Milky Whey and Vanilla 500ml

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