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"For generations my family has been growing lavender, which has become the symbol of Provence throughout the world, on land located in Provence. This expertise is a passion that we have perpetuated. It is our family's heritage.

My approach is to perpetuate and promote our family tradition. In doing so, we use our lavender producing and distilling expertise. We aim to help everyone benefit from the virtues of the plant.

We hope to bring your customers all of the benefits of lavender through genuine and natural products.

The lavender we use to manufacture our products comes mainly from our family harvest and is therefore 100% produced in Provence.

We favour naturally sourced ingredients in our products’ formulation.

Another one of the brand’s main values is our concern for the environment and our respect for nature. We have ethical and ecological values as we take into consideration the impact our activity has on the environment in order to preserve one of the purest ecosystems in the world: Provence. We have been connected to our land for several generations and are conscious of preserving this precious asset which has been handed down from our ancestors and that we want to leave to our children. That’s why it’s not a question of giving ourselves a clear conscience or being fashionable to please the largest possible audience. It is a question of continuing awareness and family spirit so that our activity continues to respect our main asset: the environment." Sebastien

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