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Indus Valley cosmetics


People of this civilization were practising Ayurveda (ancient science of wellbeing and treatment) for daily regime. People of those times were using ayurvedic beauty recipes and treatments as we are using today the products with chemicals or modern treatments. At those times there were no chemical factories and availability of herbs/jungles was in abundance. People in Indus Valley civilisations were known for using cosmetics, hair care products, etc based on herbs and without side effects.

Indus Valley” brand maintain the same spirit and inspired to use those ingredients to make beauty products which reminds us those times. As you know the development has brought in multiple problems. There are pollution, usage of fertilisers and insecticides has polluted our earth and food with toxic and harmful chemicals. Hence it was difficult to get herbs without the use of fertilisers or pesticides. Thanks to the certification done on herbs and food by agencies like USDA/EcoCert which brought in the methods to grow herbs without the usage of chemical fertilisers and pesticides. These certified organic herbs are the part of Indus Valley products with recipes given in Ayurvedic texts. This endeavour brings in our products to the quality of products to that ancient period without a trace of pollution or chemicals.

In the 11th century, Saint Chakrapanni Dutta wrote a treatise ‘Chakradutta’ which had recipes related to hair care. Indus Valley 100% Organic, 100% Botanical Hair Colour used the recipes of those times to create 100% Botanical Hair Colour without using any kind of chemical.

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