MyVita Colloidal nonionic silver 50 ppm 100 ml flat nanoparticle

The effectiveness of antibacterial and antifungal activity confirmed in studies of the Institute of Genetics and Microbiology of the University of Wroclaw


• 100% natural product
• manufactured by the physical method (nonionic silver)
• unique unsurpassed flat nanoparticle
• transparent - does not change color under the influence of light and UV radiation
• efficient already at a concentration of 6.25 ppm
• ultra-thin particle with a thickness of several atoms
• particle size 2-5 nanometers


Colloidal silver due to its valuable features is widely used :

• in cosmetics as a natural antibacterial cleansing tonic for all skin types
• supports in the treatment of acne
• regenerates the skin in the case of bruises, wounds, cuts and scratches
• helps to reduce skin irritation
• removes the smell of sweat
• as a support in the treatment of skin problems (eczema, impetigo, psoriasis)
• for rinsing the mouth
• perfect as a remedy disinfection

MyVita® colloidal silver are silver nanoparticles suspended in purified water. Silver has antibacterial parameters and stops the action of fungi, which is why in the nineteenth and early twentieth century it was widely consumed to treat diseases caused by pathogens. They were used in addition to dressing wounds, ulcers, pressure sores and burns and to preserve drinking water durability. Commonly, colloidal silver is called a natural antibiotic and is used among others in medicine and dermatology.
Along with the growing resistance of pathogens to antibiotics, new substances with antibacterial activity are being sought. Silver nanoparticles are becoming an alternative.
Silver particles surround the pathogen cell and react with it, blocking the possibility of creating new structures during cell division. This leads directly to cell wall damage and then to cell death. Silver, due to small particles, also penetrates inside the cell and, due to the accumulation of nanoparticles, disrupts the cellular energy production cycle and damages the structure of proteins.

Scientific research carried out so far around the world confirms that silver exhibits antibacterial, antiviral and fungicidal properties. According to numerous publications, colloids can affect nearly 650 fatal pathogens.

At a concentration of 50 ppm, it is possible to use the full antibacterial and fungicidal potential confirmed by scientific research.

Non-ionic silver means a product made of A physical method that allows the formation of colloids that do not contain chemical impurities characteristic of the ionic article.

Myvita® nonionic silver is transparent. It does not undergo oxidation under the influence of light and UV radiation. They do not undergo coagulation - the formation of nanocolloids into larger structures. Myvita® Silver has ultra-trace particles that do not absorb visible light.

unsurpassed flat nanostructure with regular arrangement of silver atoms guarantees the largest possible right active surface and easy adhesion to the skin (compared to a spherical particle).

MyVita® colloidal silver has been tested for effectiveness against bacterial and fungal growth by the Institute of Genetics and Microbiology of the University of Wrocław.

Studies have shown high efficiency in the fight against bacteria and fungi. They were aimed at determining the low concentration of Myvita® colloidal silver, at which the product shows antibacterial efficacy against selected bacteria and fungi. The level of total elimination of E. coli occurs at 6 ppm, and at 12 ppm silver kills one of the most dangerous for humans, Staphylococcus aureus. We used a higher concentration in the product - up to 50 ppm to eliminate fungi that are more resistant to bacteria. Productivity of the goods fitted in this way in all conditions of use.

MyVita® colloids are characterized by repeatability of the structure and size of the particles, which ensures the high quality of each manufactured packaging.

the article due to the physical method does not have any chemical contamination. Non-ionic colloids due to their characteristics and size of particles do not accumulate in the body, and their excess is excreted. They are neutral and do not undergo chemical reactions with other substances. They have natural silver parameters.

Preparation for use on the skin. It has a cleansing and anti-inflammatory effect, tones and regenerates the epidermis.


USE Apply the liquid to cleansed skin or wipe with a soaked cotton swab.

the product does not sediment - you do not need to shake the liquid before use.


Aqua, Colloidal Silver components


Made in Poland



MyVita flat molecular non-ionic Colloidal silver 50ppm spray 100ml

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