Arnicalme is a homeopathic medicine from Boiron laboratories. It is indicated in adults and in children from 18 months in the treatment of bruises , the bumps , contusions and muscle fatigue.


Arnicalme Boiron is administered sublingually , i.e. it is necessary to let the tablets melt under the tongue.

Children 18 months and older, because of the risk of miscarriage, the tablet should be dissolved in a little water before taking it, which is 1 tablet three times a day.
In adults, the dosage is 2 tablets 3 times a day, leaving to melt under the tongue, between meals.
The duration of treatment should be up to 7 days


Not to use this product during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Arnicalme Boiron contains lactose,galactose and glucose, do not use it in case of intolerance. 


Product made in France

Boiron Arnicalme 40 tablets

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