Original HOPI/KONCHY CANDICA candles for ear candling. 100% natural ingredients. 


Taken over from the Hopi Indians who still live in North America, the habit of ear candling has aromatherapeutic and relaxing effects. Ear candling treatment deeply calms and pleasantly relaxes the whole body - it has been popular in Asia and America for centuries, it is only just beginning to be known to us. Candling will have the intended effect only if you use professional candles - and that's what Hura Candica candles from Aura Herbals are. Hopi candles perfectly relax and, by the way, prove themselves in aromatherapy.

Ear candling has a positive effect not only on physical well-being (it gives the impression of overall relaxation and harmonization of the whole body), but also on the mental state. For some, the Hopi Candica candling treatment is so pleasant that they fall asleep during its duration or immediately after the end of candling. 

Centuries ago, candles were used by Hopi Indians for ritual cleansing treatments that restored energy and inner peace. Today, we can feel the ancient power of Indian treatments at home. After lighting the ears with Hopi Candica candles we will feel:

  • feeling of calmness
  • increasing the amount of life energy
  • overall well-being
  • significant reduction of stress
  • sense of relaxation and pleasant bliss
  • achieving a state of harmony of body and soul

Our candles are made each time from natural beeswax, without chemical additives. They are honey-yellow and have a pleasant smell, moss and patchouli. The principles of Feng Shui say that by caring for fragrances, we can more harmoniously coexist with our surroundings. The scent of Hopi candles is a compilation of moss and patchouli aromas, with the addition of aloe, jasmine, orange and lemon. 

The diameter of the Hopi (9mm) and their length (21.5cm), combined with a well-chosen amount of wax, allows them to burn for 10 to 15 minutes.

We recommend you our candles that are completely safe to use thanks to the safety dust filter used in it. Such a filter most effectively protects the ear against the side effects of burning a candle. It is not possible for anything to get into your ear. After the treatment, our candles do not need to be cleaned, which is necessary when using candles without a filter, the so-called "empty tubes". 

Note: Candica candles are not a medical or medicinal device. 


Candling should be done on both ears. To make it you need:

  • little butter,
  • a handkerchief or a paper towel with an ear hole cut out,
  • fat cream,
  • ear buds,
  • min. 2 cotton balls
  • a bowl or deep plate with water,
  • 1 pair of candles for ear candling.

The person to be used for the procedure should lie on its side and place a pillow under the head.

  • We grease the auricle with the inlet of the ear canal. For this purpose we can use a cotton bud.
  • For about 3 minutes we massage the entire ear area.
  • The head should be covered with a paper towel with an ear hole. Thanks to this, we will protect the head against ash falling from the candle. Pull the ear to the top of the towel.
  • We grease the candle on the side where the badge is located. The cream is designed to seal the connection between the ear canal and candle.
  • Insert the end of the candle marked with a line and silver foil into the ear canal firmly, but gently, so as not to cause pain, to a depth of about 1-2 cm.
  • We hold the candle with our fingers and wait until it burns to the place marked with a strip.
  • Now remove the burning candle from your ear and put it out in a bowl of water.
  • Gently cleanse the ear with cotton buds.
  • We repeat the whole procedure on the other ear.
  • The person who performed the procedure should lie down for a few minutes and relax. After the procedure, protect your ears with cotton pads to avoid predicting your ears.
  • Let's develop the ends of candles with aluminum foil and check their contents: dark or orange lumps may be visible in them - secretions from the ear drawn out.

The procedure should be performed 3 - 5 times every 4 days, until there are no secretions or raid in the unburnt part of the candle. 

How it's working? When the candle burns, the air in the external auditory canal is thinned by the so-called chimney. Thanks to this, the ear is cleaned of earwax and sebaceous secretions. The pressure in the ear is regulated. In addition to clearing the ear canal, the effect spreads to the sinuses, making nose breathing easier.

Candica Hopi/Konchy Ear Candles 5 pairs

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