Infections and inflammation of the nasal mucosa are increasingly frequent in modern society due to mounting environmental toxins, hectic and stressful lifestyles and the rise in chronic diseases. Treatment often involves the use of multiple medications, which may lead to a general weakening of the immune system. As a result, infections may begin to appear more frequently because of damage caused to the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, and in turn, threaten the individual’s immunity. Sadly, this reality often sets off a vicious cycle: increased susceptibility to developing frequent infections such as colds, influenza and associated nasal symptoms, chronic rhinitis, rhinosinusitis, nasal discharge (or post nasal drip) and subsequent congestion. Traditional over-the-counter medicines have their limitations and more importantly, often come with a slew of possible side effects. Euphorbium comp. ® , on the other hand, represents a unique alternative that effectively addresses a multitude of nasal symptoms: resulting from the cold or flu, nasal congestion, nasal discharge, dry and inflamed nasal membranes, as well as rhinitis, and sinusitis, in both their acute and chronic forms. A scientific study showed that Euphorbium comp. ® supports immunity1 as well as helps inhibit viral growth by up to 35%2 , reduces swelling, diminishes dryness, eliminates sinus congestion and restores proper breathing. Conveniently available as both a nasal spray and in oral drop form, Euphorbium comp. ® is an effective, reliable and scientifically proven alternative to conventional nasal sprays.

Benefits of Euphorbium comp. ® • An effective alternative to conventional nasal sprays • Scientifically proven antiviral properties • Clinically demonstrated efficacy • May be combined with other natural or conventional medication • Extremely well tolerated* • May be used in acute as well as in chronic conditions • Effective solution to help alleviate symptoms during the weaning off of corticosteroïd nasal sprays (decongestants) • Appropriate for long-term use • Non habit-forming nor addictive

Which form of Euphorbium comp. ® to choose? 
The nasal spray is suitable for rhinitis, sinusitis, chronic nasal discharge, dry and inflamed nasal membranes and nasal congestion. 
The oral drops are suitable for cold and flu nasal symptoms and as a systemic adjunt, to solster therapy in more chronic conditions.

Scientifically proven Antiviral activity In vitro research demonstrates the antiviral activity of Euphorbium comp. ® against viruses responsible for infections of the respiratory tract: influenza A, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), human rhinovirus (HRV), and herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1). 3 Efficacy and tolerability The results of a drug monitoring study on the use of Euphorbium comp. ® in the treatment of chronic sinusitis revealed that for 76% of patients, the time-point of initial improvement of symptoms was recorded during the first two weeks of treatment. With longer treatment periods, therapeutic improvement of symptoms was reported in 97% of patients. Further still, physicians and patients assessed the efficacy of treatment as “good” or “very good” in more than 87% of cases, and the tolerability as “good” or “excellent” in 98% of cases. 4

.Euphorbium. Ethmoid sinus. 

  • The indications for the use of HEEL Euphorbium compositum are: chronic sinusitis (maxillary, frontal, sphenoid and ethmoidal sinuses), acoustic trumpet, hydrocele of the middle ear.


100 g oral drops contains: Euphorbium D4, Pulsatilla pratensis D4, Luffa operculata D6, Hydrargyrum biiodatum D12, Argentum nitricum D10. It contains 45% vol. 
alcohol. 2.2 ml of the solution for injection contains: Euphorbium D4, Pulsatilla pratensis D2, Luffa operculata D6, Mercurius bijodatus D8, Hepar sulfuris D10, Argentum nitricum D10, aa 22 μl.

Heel Euphorbium SN Drops 30ml

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