Berberis Complexe No. 83 drops



Neuralgias, chronic rheumatic diseases, sciatica, joint and muscle pain.


The drug has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties in chronic rheumatic diseases and in chronic forms of sciatica. It tolerates joint and muscle pains - especially in the sacro-lumbar region, knee joint and foot. It includes neuralgic pains - especially those related to the chest. Removes symptoms of an injured stiffness. It gives good results when used prophylactically in cholelithiasis and kidney stones.


Recommended on:

  • pain in the lumbosacral region,
  • sciatica,
  • chronic rheumatic diseases,
  • joint and bone pain,
  • chronic periarticular ailments,
  • especially the cross-lumbar region, knee joint and foot joints,
  • neuralgia in the chest, lumbar and iliac area,
  • the morning feeling of stiffness and break up.


Unless your doctor tells you otherwise: 3 x 20 drops per day, between meals. Dissolve with small amout of water.


A 30 ml glass bottle



Berberis vulgaris D2, Acidum oxalicum D8, Colchicum D3, Colocynthis D3, Betula film D1, Ononis spinosa D2, Natrum sulfuricum D2,
Gnaphalium polycephalum D2, Pulsatilla D4, Terebinthina D3.

The drug contains 47.5% v / v ethanol.



Product made in France (Box in Poland)


Lehning Berberis Complexe No 83 - 30ml

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