Simple obesity.


The drug stimulates the processes of basic metabolism in the treatment of simple obesity.

Recommended at:

  • obesity
  • tendency to gain weight,
  • hypothyroidism with parenchymal goiter, as well as without will,
  • excessive appetite,
  • metabolic disorders,
  • constipation.

Homeopathic way to be overweight .

It is safe and well-tolerated form, reduces appetite, it can be used in chronic treatments, it makes  easier to maintain it after getting a weight loss.


Adults 2 tabs 2/3 times daily

Children 12+ 1 tab 2/3 times daily


60 tablets.

Form of the drug:



1 tablet 0.25 g contains: Fucus vesiculosus 2DH (45mg), Antimonium crudum 2DH (45mg), Alchemilla vulgaris 2DH (45mg),  Calcarea acetica 2DH (45mg).


We may open the package to fit as a large letter. Everything will be included.


Product made in France for French market




Lehning Fucus Complexe No. 111 - 60 Tabs

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