Product Description

Homoeopathic medicine traditionally used as an adjuvant treatment for pain and discomfort during periods or the menopause.

How to Use

For oral use.
Dilute in a small quantity of water. To be taken ideally between meals.

For adult use only. Take 20 drops twice per day.


Hydrastis 4D
Gossypium herbaceum 3D
Secale cornutum 4D
Magnesia muriatica 3D
Adrenalinum 6D
Calcarea hypophosphorosa 3D
Aloe 3D
Chamomilla vulgaris 2D
China rubra 5D
Cuprum sulfuricum 5D
Cimicifuga 3D
and other
Ethanol content: 50% v/v
Excipient with known effect: ethanol (alcohol)


Made in France for French market

Lehning L25 – relief for period and menopause 30ml

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