Product Description

Homoeopathic medicine traditionally used in the treatment of warts & verrucas.


How to Use

Take with a little water, ideally between meals. For oral use.

For adults: take 20 drops 3 times per day.
For children aged 2 years and over: quarter- or half-dose, depending on age.



Thuya occidentalis 4D
Dulcamara 4 D
Mercurius corrosivus 3 D
Phytolacca decandra 4 D
Arsenicum iodatum 4 D
Pulsatilla 4 D
Phosphorus 8 D
Nitricum Acidum 4 D
Kalium bichromicum 4 D

Ethanol content: 45% v/v
Excipient with recognised effect: ethanol (alcohol)



Contains ethanol. Do not use if you have problems with alcoholism. Use caution if you are pregnant or breast-feeding, are otherwise at risk (e.g. if you are epileptic or have liver problems), or are administering this medicine to children.

Lehning Thuya Complexe no 37 - 30ml

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